This is a tribute page to one of the coolest arcade games of all time: Para Para Paradise.

Around the turn of the millenium, this game was at the height of its popularity. It was based on the Para Para dancing style that was popular in Japan at the time. Unfortunately, as the dance fad was already waning, the arcade game series did not last very long, going only as far as 2nd Mix. There was only one home game released, 1st Mix for Japanese PlayStation 2, but it was a good game, featuring a special controller with five infared sensors on it. In 2001, I imported a Japanese PS2 just to be able to play this game. It cost a lot, but was worth it.

Imagine, if the game series had continued, what they could do with the Wii or Kinect these days! At least the Eurobeat music has survived, and can still be found in the few arcades that are around these days, as background music in the Initial D arcade racing games.

As you might have noticed, this web page is merely a placeholder for what might have been, and what might still be. Are any Para Para Paradise forums still online? I looked for a place to point this domain to, but all the good places I found were offline, or abandoned to the spammers. Ideas for developing this webpage are welcome. Email me if you want, using the email address on my homepage.

Josh Lehan